Thursday, April 1, 2010


summer's notebook, chapter 11.

gentleness = being meek, humble, and tame. the opposite of wild and fierce. a gentle person is one who..
  • is accustomed to control by another
  • has been toned down
  • exhibits complete dependence on another
  • has yielded all will to another's control
  • unquestioningly and humbly obeys what is ordered
  • accepts what is given
  • is docile, obedient, and pliable
  • is easy to work with and to be with
  • submits fully to God's will
  • submits willingly to her husband
  • withstands misunderstanding and distress
  • refuses to fight, assert herself, or seek vengeance
  • takes it and bears no grudge
how can i bear suffering and ill treatment?
we can maintain a demeanor of tranquility, no matter what life brings, because God is in control of every minute. we can 'take it' by trusting Him, resting in His sovereignty, remembering that he works all things together for our good, and by believing that everything that happens in our life is allowed by God and He is able to help us handle it.

why should i desire gentleness?
1. because it is of great worth in God's sight. (1 peter 3.4)
2. because our Savior was gentle.
3. because it brings great intimacy with God. it means wanting only His will, depending completely on Him, belonging only to Him, and yielding humbly to Him.

a gentle and quiet spirit..
does not mean living in absolute silence.
gentle.. docile and submissive cooperation, not creating disturbances
quiet.. the acceptance of life in general, bearing disturbances created by others

  • start accepting. whether things go right or wrong, accept everything today as allowed by God.
  • start praying. prayer puts us in a posture of gentleness. submitting, yielding, coming humbly before Him.
  • start practicing a tranquil & docile demeanor. work toward a reputation of gentleness.
  • refuse to complain. complaining is not accepting.
  • refuse to manipulate. let God resolve the issue for you. stop straining. let Him glorify Himself by coming to your rescue.
my favorite excerpt from this chapter..
"Gentleness is perfect quietness of heart.
It is for me to have no trouble; never to be fretted or vexed
or irritated or sore or disappointed.
It is to expect nothing, to wonder at nothing done to me,
to feel nothing done against me,
It is to be at rest when nobody praises me.."

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