Tuesday, March 23, 2010


summer's notebook, chapter 10.

faithfulness = being loyal, constant, and steadfast.
in other words.. just do it! keep going. do the next thing. no matter how you're feeling.
remember! this applies to my behavior in respect to other people and toward God.

opposites of faithfulness (things to avoid)
changing loyalties, changing standards, changing my mind. nothing seems to merit commitment, nothing seems too important. being fickle, unstable, impulsive, unreliable.

faithfulness helps us fight weakness, impulsiveness, and laziness.

the mark of a woman of faithfulness. she is..
following through, delivering, showing up, keeping her word, keeping commitments and appointments, carrying out instructions, coming through, and being devoted to her duties.

why is it important?
01. it is crucial that God's faithfulness be a part of our character because faithfulness marks God's presence in our lives. this is how we show forth our faithful Savior and demonstrate that we belong to Him.
02. because we long to hear Him say one day, 'Well done, good and faithful servant.'
03. because our Savior is faithful, and we are to be growing more Christ-like.

what are my responsibilities? where do i need to monitor my faithfulness?
  • prayer life|devotional life
  • my role as grant's wife
  • my duties as the keeper of my home
  • my task of helping teach preschoolers
  • my calling to be faithful in the church
and as a faithful woman, i should 'respond positively, enthusiastically, and energetically to these job assignments from God.'

struggles of the flesh, struggles against faithfulness:
tiredness.. 'i can't do it'
laziness.. 'i don't want to do it'
hopelessness.. 'it doesn't matter if i do it'
procrastination.. 'i'll do it later'
rationalization.. 'someone else will do it'
apathy.. 'i don't care if i do it'
rebellion.. 'i won't do it'

things to remember..
1) desire for fruit/to live a godly life
2) look to Him
3) follow God's Word

serving people is a primary way for us to serve our Lord.
be faithful in small things.
fight self-indulgence.
eliminate laziness and idleness.

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