Tuesday, December 22, 2009



My blogger is back! I cannot even begin to understand what has gone on over here in my trusty little laptop, but posting on blogger was completely cut off. Even my personal blog has felt the blow. I have been in communication with summer and am oh-so-thankful that I have had her holding the reigns in my absence! What a blessing she is!

And while I haven't been present in this space, I have been keeping up with our study, and have received so much from our readings. Esther is such an inspiration, and I closed the back cover of the book thinking::

"God can use anyone. Will use anyone. If we're willing to sacrifice. Willing to follow. He will protect us. He will bless us. If we give ourselves fully to His purpose."

This is no small task. As we have seen in the book of Esther, surrender can be intimidating, but it's always, always worth it.

I am SO looking forward to digging into our new study on January 14th! Make sure to obtain your copy of the book as soon as the holiday craziness has passed us :)

Merry Christmas! May we spend this season with family, remembering the greatest gift of all-- our Savior :)

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