Thursday, January 28, 2010

LOVE, continued.

summer's notebook, chapter 2. continued.

two examples in living out love..

ruth's loving dedication and commitment to her mother in law, naomi. ruth went to work each day, gathering the grain from the fields to care for herself and her bitter relative. ruth is an example of having the heart of a servant. loving through her actions. never self-seeking. she willingly put on the workclothes of love each day.

the needy impatiens. i love this concept of being filled. i carry it around in my head all the time. a perfect picture of our helplessness without our Heavenly Father: we come to him empty and weak, but He can fill us with His love, so that we might pour it out for others. we need to ask to be filled with His limitless love everyday, all throughout the day, as many times as we find ourselves struggling to love the people we encounter. i need to keep turning to God, even when i get frustrated and feel like saying 'forget this.' He will never deny me more of His love.

things to do about it today.
1. begin loving the people God puts in your path by first loving those people at home. 'what you are at home is what you are!' be a woman who walks in God's love.. at home.
2. go to God for a fresh supply. at the first hint of waning love, look to the Lord of love.
3. serve. look for ways to do it. make it a habit.
4. follow Jesus's example of being a servant. (matthew 20.28)

reading assignment for next week: chapter 3, offering the sacrifice of joy.
memory verses: 1 thessalonians 5.16-18

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