Tuesday, September 22, 2009

getting started::: STUDY # 1

our first study starts OCTOBER 5th, 2009, and we'll be delving into the book of Esther, via Beth Moore's fabulous book:

clicking on the book cover will take you to the amazon.com page--where you can order the book for about $20. itunes also has the corresponding audio lessons for purchase. so there are several methods of obtaining the study materials.


summer and i will post a few introductory posts each monday: setting goals & sharing thoughts. as you dig into the study throughout the week, you can post comments about your questions, revelations, etc. all participants will have the ability to read, reply and post their own original thoughts. the feedback we will post, and receive from each other, will be essential. the virtual "gathering together of believers".

we live in a society overcome with obligations and time constraints. being able to study on our own time and leave quick, meaningful posts--will provide a tangible goal for each of us.

it is our sincere prayer that each of you will benefit from this blog as much as we plan to!

purchase your book, or download your audio lessons, by OCTOBER 5th.
&& be looking for the first "official posts" that morning!

We are so excited to get started!!

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  1. well...i'm picking up my book tomorrow (at the bookstore +30% off coupon!) i'm nervous, and excited, and scared i will forget that i have committed to this (not that i am a forgetful person, but i have the recurring nightmare of forgetting about an on-line class. haha) ...but here goes! :)